Tuesday, 28 October 2014

How To: Make-Up Brushes

We've all been there, we've all treated ourselves to a good set of the most fabulous brushes; however, most people don't know which ones are for when and why.. and what and how.. you get the point. Here is how to use the most basic brushes that every cosmetics junkie should have. 

Firstly, the most basic brush is the foundation brush.
Foundation brushes are mostly flat with long strands of fibres and bristles to allow even application of foundation (mostly liquid in my case). They can be round or angled to reach each corner of the face. 

Next up, the stippling brush.
I use the Real Techniques Stippling brush to apply my liquid foundation (I am currently using the MAC Pro Longwear in N18) when I need medium coverage or I desperately need my make-up to stay on during the day as I feel like I can gradually build layers up due to an airbrushed finish. 

I use the Real Techniques Expert Face brush when I need high coverage during the day and night with an HD Finish. 
I do agree that the better base you create the better the finished look is and this is why I think that a stippling brush and a face brush are two staples.

To apply powder I use the duo-fiber Powder Brush with large design with soft duo-fiber bristles, this brush makes applying powder a doddle. The duo-fiber tips pick up the right amount of product, whilst the large size distributes it evenly over the face for a non-cakey, even finish.

I am the contouring queen and for that exact reason I use the most simple angled contouring brush I could find.
However, I do desperately want to try the RT duo-fibre contouring brush so I'll let you know how that works out.

Lastly, the most important brush in my basics collection that I use on the daily basis is the H&M two-ended rose gold eye brush with a blending end and a flat angled end.
Unfortunately, I couldn't find the rose gold company photo as I didn't really want to bore you with my tacky brushes so above is the same brush but with a black handle. Remember: if you think that you've done your blending, blend some more!
Which brush is your favourite?