Thursday, 19 June 2014

App favourites

So recently I've been obsessing over three apps that are basically the same but I just can't stop playing .  
I've been playing the Simpsons for a long time now and I'm on God knows what level.  First I started playing on my iPhone which was okay but them along came an iPad and the size is just perfect! Literally all I've been doing lately is playing and I don't seem to see a problem with that. Basically you have to rebuild Springfield after a nuclear explosion and you get missions and quests to fulfil when you're at it. It's really fun actually. 
My username on origin is majotron (obv) so feel free to add me so we can be neighbours. 
Family guy: the quest for stuff is the newest addition to my app obsession frenzy and I wish I discovered it before because this is the bestest thing ever!  In this game you have to rebuild Quahog after Peters I think) fight with a chicken and they set everything on fire and all that. Can you see a pattern here? Apparently I have a thing for towns and infinite control over them. Fun! 
Another one is Ice Age Village where you build a village for all of the animals and creatures that have appeared in Ice age movies throughout the years. I've actually had this game on my phone  awhile ago and I was on a crazy high level of 50odd but I then I deleted the game or something and there was no way of getting the game play back so I eagerly played again and then lost it again which really put me off this game but when I got this iPad I thought that I have to at least try. So I did and now I can't stop. 
My @live username again, is majotron so feel free to add me, neighbour! 
Have you played these before? If not make sure to because they're a lot better than flappy bird.
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