Sunday, 6 April 2014

Latest Captivations

Recently, I can't get off Tumblr. Endless scrolling and scrolling just gets the best of me. 
I love it so much and I'm incredibly proud of it!- I'm really good at reblogging things.

Because of my love for it, my revision in going down- literally down the toilet. But my approach to things had been pretty good. A lot better than it usually was. Also, it made me realise that I finally need to start expressing myself more because yolo (yes, I said yolo.) & and decided that after prom in June, I am going to give my mop a good chop and dye. How exciting!
 This is what I'm thinking:
I think that life at Sixth Form will be a lot easier with shorter hair. 

What have you been captivated by recently?
Also, I will do a hair post soon for all of you that are interested in what I do to my mop.