Sunday, 9 February 2014

Elizabeth Arden Sampling Event

Recently, my mum and I treated ourselves to new foundations that match our skin perfectly. Actually, I didn't- I bought Rimmels Wake Me Up Foundation. 

My mum had the opportunity to sit down with a make up artist that matched a foundation to her skin with then help of a foundation shade matchmaker specifically designed for Elizabeth Arden. 

She ended up being shade number 13-Beige. The lovely lady at my local Debenhams Elizabeth counter offered to apply the product all over my mums face and do her full face with powder and an everyday eye look. Probably because we had a hilarious time and the lady seemed to love us *Giggles* 

What my mum thinks: 
"Its coverage is pretty good for a moisturising foundation. Its lightweight and allows your skin to breathe which I love. Probably even people with lack of skin pigments such as vitiligo will be able to use it without worrying about ending up patchy. First impressions are great"
She also promised to get back to you, after or if she even finishes the bottle. 

We decided to give it a try and buy it for a total of £28.

We also got a gift set for being such great customers. 
We got a plain white and grey make up bag with a skin balancing exfoliating cleaner (pictured on the right) and a skin balancing toner.

Make sure to visit the Elizabeth Arden counter at Debenhams to find your perfect shade and if you're not particularly keen on the product or want to try the product at home you will receive a free 7-day sample!

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