Friday, 26 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

I hope each and every one of you is having a great christmas surrounded with love and happiness. Can you believe it's boxing day? how crazy...
This time of year is definitely my favourite; spending time with your family and drinking hot beverages and eating your body weight in food is glorious. 

5 Christmas facts about me:
Real trees are the way forward. Fake trees are for shop windows and shop windows only. However, if you have multiple trees like I do then one odd fake tree thats in your front porch is totally fine. I won't judge you. 

I start obsessing with autumn, then winter, then christmas right after my birthday on the 20th of October which starts all the festivities off for everyone. I just love it!

My family and I open our presents on Christmas Eve after a huuuuge meal of 12 dishes (yes, we have to try all of them), then eat cakes, open presents and watch Christmas films. 

Not to be big headed or anything, but I am the best gift giver.

My favourite Christmas songs are 'Rocking a Around the Christmas Tree' and 'Merry Christmas Everyone'- such classics.

Comment below what some of your Christmas traditions are, I'll love to read them!

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Primark Winter Pyjama Haul

You know that one time you go into Primark to 'return one thing' and you come out with two of the BIGGEST shopping bags possible? Yeah, that happened. 

So, I decided to stroll through the pyjamas section and got to the till with a basket full of fluffy, warm joggers... and socks... and pyjamas... and onsies... and 'twosies'. I paid a little more than £50 for pyjamas and I don't regret one penny. 

They were all £6 including the ones pictured on the far left that are actually really fluffy and soft! 
Left: Red and white snowflake pattern, navy and white reindeer or fawn with horns/antlers, flannel red and white snowflakes with the most gorgeous ribbon, and simple red flannel tartan straight leg pyjama bottoms: right.

I'm currently rocking the red tartan flannels and these lovely babies...

This cute little penguin was £12 and is apparently called a 'twosie' which basically is a onsie but a two piece. My mum discovered these lovely things when she went and got a cream twosie with a bear instead of a penguin and I couldn't resist to get my own... I was really jealous actually. Then I just got some more fluffy socks and Christmas slippers and stuff like that. 

November is an okay time to start wearing Christmas themed things, pyjamas in particular isn't it? I think October is perfect but I try not to push it...

What are your all time favourite pyjamas?